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15 September 2017
Katarina Malikova
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Katarína Máliková
Based in
Slovakia, Polomka, Bratislava
In her 20s with the musical background, she has and ideas to work on Katarína Máliková proved that success is something you need to earn but also to be lucky a little and got the timing right.  Maybe that's why she became the most outstanding artist of 2016 of an alternative local scene and her debut album took over not only world music fans but also a wider public. ...
Based in
Denmark, Copenhagen
Lay back and close your weary eyes. Take a fruity cocktail in hand and let the warm summer breeze blow away all that mundane adult stuff. Welcome to the world of M.I.L.K., the Danish ambassador of sweet ignorance and never-ending summer holidays. M.I.L.K. is singer-songwriter-producer Emil Wilk, a young Dane originally from the small island of Bornholm but now based in Copenhagen. In his music you can find 80s synths and tropical, funky grooves, so it comes as  no surprise he counts Curtis Mayfield and Prince among his songwriting heroes. Gaining popularity in his home country, M.I.L.K. has played festivals like Roskilde and was named one of ...
East of My Youth
Based in
Iceland, Reykjavik

Taking their name from a Jack Kerouac quote, East of My Youth is a pop duo consisting of Thelma Marín Jónsdóttir and Herdís Stefánsdóttir. Although they only have a short history – they’ve been playing together since 2015 – there’s already a lot of hype surrounding them: they’ve played prominent showcases such as Iceland Airwaves, Sonar Reykjavik and SXSW. They offer melodic electronic pop music but with a unique twist; when you close your eyes, their music evokes images of crystal clear skies and dark Reykjavik nights, all covered in cool and quirky electro-pop.

Based in
Malta, Malta
A band splits up and out if its ashes a new one emerges. You’re probably thinking this isn’t an uncommon occurrence,and you'd be right. It is, however, not as common that the demise of an indie rock band gives rise to something entirely different, but that’s exactly what happened in the case of Crux. Discarding their indie rock leanings, Crux's members fully embraced their shared love of experimentation and synthesised sounds to form an electronic act that wears its heart on its sleeve.  ...
Based in
Poland, Poznań
Rosalie Hoffman, whose musical creativity is branded simply as Rosalie., appeared on the Polish scene nearly two years ago. She's known to be interested in R&B, which still isn't popular in the country and it's hard to say why. While previous attempts by other Polish musicians resulted in failure, Rosalie. aims to change this and has the right attributes to do so....
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