There is no bad style of music, but only good artists

I am passionate about music, and like to search perpetually for the most beautiful song in the world.
I am a concert organizer, a curator, loves to help artists and their entourage to go as far as possible in their different projects …

Europavox Festival - Clermont Ferrand

Europavox was born in the heart of Auvergne, in 2006, with the desire to show European musical diversity. With hundreds of concerts in Clermont-Ferrand but also in all parts of France and Europe, thousands of festival-goers each year, a European network that grows every year, Europavox defends a positive, citizen-centered and committed vision of Europe through all types of music.

Since 2016, Europavox Project has been developing an ambitious and concrete project aimed not only at European music professionals, but also at the general public, including, the first 100% online media dedicated to the promotion of European groups. But also many other aspects to discover.

Definitely there are no borders for Europavox!

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