Marcos Molinero

Marcos Molinero

Mondo Sonoro, DoD Magazine, AU Agenda, La Grada Online, / Spain (Valencia / Barcelona)
Born and raised in the eixample of Barcelona, rock and music were always very important in my home. My father played drums when he was young in various rock groups. When I was only eleven years old, I bought my first album with my weekly pay and I attend my first rock concert. Captured and haunted, I decide to dedicate my life to the pleasure of listening to music the more the better and above all in a healthy competition with my brother who is a professional DJ to discover groups and artists before they explode. Another of my passions is literature, so becoming a music critic was written in the stars. After years in the underground and amateurism I manage to become a professional of it and I have been collaborating with the most important media in my country with my writings for a decade. Nothing is more pleasant than discovering a song and having it save your life.




Valencia / Barcelona