Acid Baby Jesus

Acid Baby Jesus

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A modern LSD-knitted colourful universe of ‘70s prog and ‘60s psychedelia that veers into the otherworldly


23 April 2018

In their “Vegetable” video, Acid Baby Jesus are having a party inside something that looks like a condom. The peyote-wrapped setting is completed with myriad candles around a gold-plated ancient pillar where on the top of it lays a pile of bloody entrails. It could be a Flaming Lips video, but it isn’t. Their “Mesmerized” song could be a Velvet Underground distorted lullaby, but it isn’t. What’s impressive about this psych-garage band from Athens, Greece, is that apart from the overall psychedelic backbone there is a lot of richness to their sound.

Acid Baby Jesus prove this while juggling with oriental/Mediterranean flair, the hazy landscape of ‘60s psych pop and the frenetic rock n’ roll hedonism; if you add to that the electrifying production… there! This is the reason they have been championed so highly in the European scene and performed almost everywhere in the world (just think that in 2017 they toured Europe for the tenth time).

After two official albums, LP (2011) and Selected Recordings (2014), and several EPs, ABJ released in 2017 their third and latest album, Lilac Days – their first on Fuzz Club Records. Though it’s much more pop and lighter than their previous recordings, it explores the same dimensions with lots of spacey mind-melting sounds. On the whole, ABJ’s music is a paradigm of effortless and somehow raw perfection: a well-molded melange of melody, diverse turns and twists, accessibility and complexity; all at once.

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