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Electro / Spain (Barcelona)




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Moscoman, Cut Copy, Fela Kuti

Free style

Deep house, Afrobeat

" Music that sounds like the most elegant party in the jungle. "

Catalan producers and musicians Gunsal Moreno and Marc Fernández, aka beGun and Ocellot, come together as  ‘Akkan’. The legend goes that Akkan’s origins can be  found on a hallucinogenic journey in the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa. It’s as if Akkan were shamans of the new millennium, their music a form of nature that speaks through them, creating the most overwhelming and organic of current electronic music.

Akkan and their chromatic music is an existential journey that teleports you to the heart of purest nature. Infectious beats, real selvática sounds, exotic voices, and percussion and instruments of the world Present an ideal opportunity  during these times to travel without moving from your own home. It’s art without borders and frontiers, where under a thin urban and modern skin is a fascinating love of an african and pre-columbian world.

The Press and critics have surrendered at their feet, with media like Mystic Vibes in the USA, DJ Mag in the UK and House Nation Radio from France raving about their music; their records have been played on the best electronic music stations on the planet, and they have performed at some of the most important music festivals in the world including Eurosonic, Soundeat, Monkey Week, Fort Festival, Vida Festival, Icelandic Airwaves and Sonic Visions.

Electronic music never flowed as naturally as in songs like ‘Bananat’, ‘Kai’ and ‘Ayuca’, with EPs hiding magical remixes of people as interesting as Iñigo Vontier, DJ Raff or Naduve.