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Alice Boman

Alice Boman

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(c) Märta Thisner

A captivating voice whispering singing and piano driven songs


by Johan Lothsson
10 July 2018

It started with stripped sketches. Home recorded pieces written in the bedroom. Swedish singer-songwriter Alice Boman didn’t really think she had any finished songs, but when a record label heard her sketches, they liked them so much them they chose to release them just the way they were.

Alice Bomans atmospheric whisper singing and piano driven songs affects one immediately and strongly. From her bedroom through the record label, the music spread online, and in one month of 2013 her song “Waiting” was the second most blogged in the world.

Her music was soon found in TV series Transparent, Suits and more. In Transparent, Alice Boman made a cameo and performed “Waiting” live in the series. Another EP and touring in Europe and the United States followed. Then, it became quiet for a few years before Alice Boman came back with single “Dreams” last year. In 2018, she has dropped two additional singles, ”End of Time” and ”Heartbeat”.

A muted backing has taken place in the updated sound but Alice Boman’s captivating voice is still in focus. An entire album is on its way, but it is still unclear when it lands. We will eagerly be waiting.


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