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Christian Löffler

Electro / Germany (Rostock)
Christian Löffler




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Pantha du Prince, Trentemøller, Jon Hopkins

Free style

Organic electro

" 'Melancholy with euphoria': Germany’s electronic music forefront. "

German producers have a tendency to embellish the country’s dramatic environment. Wolfgang Voigt is a classic example of this, his GAS projects depicting vivid woodlands throughout his work. Christian Löffler is of a newer calibre of producers, adding more expressive harmony, and organic layers to his work. The emotive platter of electronics merges the outside world with that of his studio in a fusion of soft, pensive music described by the artist himself as ‘melancholy with euphoria’.

The German producer may be relatively new to the scene, but Löffler has already racked up several albums and EPs on a label he helped establish, Ki Records. With each iteration, Löffler transposes natural settings through his music. There’s 2012’s A Forest, the 2014 EP Young Alaska and the more recent Mare, an album recorded in a log cabin overlooking the Baltic Sea.

Blending together sweeping, electronic sounds with wistful percussion and moments of tranquil bliss, the young, creative producer focuses on crafting harmony through nature. The music is introspective, with deep atmospherics and dubby overtones. Field recordings, and sampled strings play a large part of the music’s layering – as do vocals. Löffler is currently touring with Mohna, his vocal companion, who has contributed to some of his stand-out tracks, including ‘Eleven’, ‘Mare’, and ‘Wilderness,’ transposing his art into more inclusive and engaging live arenas.

Visual elements play a strong part in his identity and live performances. Images of forlorn, intense and colourful landscapes add to the background of his work. The muted colours of trees, beaches and rivers provide a sense of perspective to Löffler’s major inspiration – nature. It’s as if he’s painted a sonic backdrop, to the more despondent elements of Germany’s vast countryside.

Obvious comparisons can be drawn to the likes of Pantha du Prince, Moderat, and several erstwhile Kompkat Records contemporaries. There’s definitely something in the air, ground or water, channeling a melodic spirit through Germany’s electronic music forefront.