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Claire Laffut

Pop / Belgium (Namur, Brussels)
Claire Laffut
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Claire Laffut



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Angèle, Yseult, Rosalía

Free style

Aesthetic pop

" Pop songs with solar power by a Belgian singer/painter "

Playing at Europavox Clermont-Ferrand on the 1st of July!

A few years ago, Claire Laffut’s name was primarily linked with fashion (she used to be a model), skin jewelry (she designed temporary tattoos for her own brand, Laclaire) and illustration (drawing has always been one of her favourite hobbies). Now, Laffut has become known for her music, ever since she released her first EP, ‘Mojo’, in 2018, a collection of songs mixing synth-pop with latino and African rhythms. Her sense of style was obvious even back then, with pictures by her close friend Charlotte Abramow, who has become a famous art director (for her impressive artwork and videos for Angèle, another talented Belgian young woman in her late twenties, just like Claire).

Three years after that debut, Laffut unveiled her first album, entitled ‘Bleu’, with a beautiful sleeve designed by Charlotte Abramow. It includes two songs from the ‘Mojo’ EP, and a striking duet with the French singer Yseult, another important friend of Claire’s who shares her feminist values and her search for sorority. Both sensual and groovy, with lyrics in French, her music is the perfect feel-good remedy.

Don’t believe that her successful career in music has made Laffut give up her other passions, though. After living in Paris for a while, she has moved back to Belgium to be able to live and work in her own artist’s studio in Brussels. There, with space and plenty of peace, she can focus on painting colourful scenes on large canvases. Her next projects: new music and an art exhibition to showcase another side of her inspiration.

Picture credits: Charlotte Abramow