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Daphne and The Fuzz

Daphne and The Fuzz

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(c) Mariza Kapsabeli Photography

Upbeat funky pop with shimmering production


13 December 2018

After the success of their eponymous debut album, it was clear that Daphne and The Fuzz were going to be at a bit of a crossroads when it came time to follow up. Would they try to recreate their primary Abbey Road-esque/60s soul-pop influences or would they continue to evolve? In their sophomore album, 2 AM, released in October 2018 via Inner Ear, they opt for the latter, delivering a follow-up work that is more uplifting and danceable. The end product is a more extroverted sound compared to their debut that owes more to MGMT than the Beatles, managing to be kaleidoscopic without being extreme.

Daphne Lz, the brains behind this Athens-based project, has taken a more dynamic approach to songwriting on 2 AM, tossing aside the bluesy atmosphere of songs like “Unexistable” in favour of rhythms that build in a more upbeat and colourful way. Vasilis Nissopoulos — also a member of Whereswilder  —  produced the album and the Greek electronic artist NTEIBINT, added his own indie-dance and nu-disco flavours to the mixing. From the opening moments of the sublime “Early Morning”, and the anthemic “Pawnshop”, all the way to the post-punk thump of “All These Things” and the closing of “Mr. Everywhere”, a spacey ballad that evokes ELO, this album is a great follow-up from a band that is still maturing into some unknown but very intriguing entity.

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