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Wu-Tang, Onyx, Young Thug

Free style

Hardcore rap, modern R&B

" Di-Meh creates hooks and cadences that become earworms "

If you are paying attention to the people who know what’s good in European hip-hop, you’ve heard the name Di-Meh by now. And if you are not, that’s ok, it’s not late to find out that he’s next up. Di-Meh (born Mehdi Belkaid) is only twenty-two years old and this is probably the reason he juggles so playfully between influences from Onyx to Wu-Tang, cultures (skateboarding to rapping) and hip-hop aesthetics from south coast to east coast.

The Swiss newcomer quickly showed his skills and navigated his way from underground followings on Youtube and Soundcloud to European appeal. Being familiar with the mic since the age of fourteen, he brought rawness in Geneva’s hip hop scene along with Makala and Slimka under the joint banner of the collective SuperWak Clique.

Di-Meh seems to be a hyper-productive artist, as he released four EPs in 2014-2016 and his debut album, Focus Part.1, in 2017. He is also an idiosyncratic spitter, delivering unrelenting bars that bounce over moody rhythms and hardcore boom-bap beats. The material that Di-Meh pulls from is not an uncharted territory in modern hip-hop, but he is capable of creating hooks and cadences that become earworms.