DJ K-Sets

DJ K-Sets

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A crazy DJ who rocks with car radios and Arab disco hits.


by Marcos Molinero Monguio
4 January 2017

DJ K-Sets is a popular music compilation project, mainly focused on vocal styles of Mesopotamian origin. Crazy, right? It’s been developed and managed since 2001 by multidisciplinary artist Manuel Sánchez, with occasional collaborations from his many friends from the Faculty of Fine Arts in the old town of Cuenca.

Manuel started his deejaying during outlandish student flat events, playing second-hand tapes of classic techno, gypsy rumba purchased at gas stations, and Arabic cassettes, found in markets in multinational districts such as Lavapies in Madrid. In his sessions, everything and anything could find a home.


His collection of strange music for those who live in the West grew with every trip – every precious find was another piece with which to fall in love with in his discography. His friends brought music as souvenirs from all over the world, growing the project and proving that at least for a day, bizarre music can be pop music, too. Where the East meets the West, where tradition meets the future, where music becomes art – there you will find DJ K-Sets.

The DJ sets are performed via car radios and mobile phones, and the project was included in the programme of contemporary art centres, such as Museo Reina Sofía, and electronic music festivals, such as Nuits Sonores. By submitting CDs, MP3s and VCDs, anyone can be part of the project, especially as Manuel prefers to play and DJ for friends or small festivals.

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