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Urban / Luxembourg (Luxembourg)




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Dvsn, Majid Jordan

Free style

Dark R&B

" A night-time R&B drive "

How many R&B names do you reckon exist in Europe? Sure, rap has been blowing up worldwide, but it seems that R&B always lags behind in Europe when it comes to new names that present us other, more melodic, urban sounds. That’s what always makes artists like Edsun so interesting to hear. The artist hails from Luxemburg and is on a mission bring his moody vibes to the world, extending his voice and productions into his videos by bringing out dancing as another element, one that will certainly remind you of the showmanship of someone like FKA Twigs.

There still a lot of work in front of this young act to bring out something that makes his city and sound stand out in the alternative R&B panorama, but he seems to have all the right ingredients to make his promise into a reality as long as he is able to continue to take his productions further and further.