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Emma Peters

Pop / France (Senlis)
Emma Peters
Emma Peters




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Angèle, Ibeyi, Lana Del Rey

Free style

Intimate pop

" A young singer-songwriter celebrating sincerity "

Don’t call her ‘cute’. Emma Peters may write touching songs and sing in her charming yet simple voice, she proves in her lyrics that she is not the well-behaved, reasonable girl she might appear to be. Born in 1996, this young woman grew up in the North of France with her family and fell in love with hip-hop as a teenager – you can definitely hear that influence in her own words and rhymes, full of puns and punchlines, mixing melancholy with humor, putting coarse words on her personal emotions straight from her diary. Musically, Emma Peters has not chosen rap to express herself. This singer-songwriter who plays guitar has found a special place between pop and R&B and bossa nova.

Emma Peters started her career in 2015 by posting covers on YouTube of some of her favourite songs, from Elvis Presley to Adele, including the old French repertoire (including Edith Piaf, Henri Salvador, Christophe…) and new rap heroes (such as Lomepal, PNL, Damso…). In 2021, she released Fous etc., her first EP, which was soon followed by her debut album, Dimanche, in March 2022. Her year is going to be a busy one, as is evident from the long list of tour dates all over France, with summer festivals and headline shows in famous venues (for example le Trianon in Paris). She has just played the Printemps de Bourges for the first time, enchanting the audience with her songs. Sometimes, an intimate, minimalist melody can be as powerful as the most over-the-top song.

Photo : Elisa Parron