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by:Larm 2016

DJ-turned-musician creates danceable tracks with a dark, introverted soul.


by Anna Brotkin
4 January 2017

Norway’s Kai Gundelach worked as a DJ before becoming a solo artist, having kept his music to himself for several years while playing the clubs of Oslo. It’s a good thing he decided to air them, though, as they deserve to be heard.

Dark and introverted but with danceable rhythms that evoke the neon lights of the dance floor, his songs mix analog synths and soulful R&B vocals with minimalistic, dark electro-pop. The universe of Gundelach is Nordic cool, bleak and cold but full of sexy sounds that touch your soul.

Gundelach released his first single, ‘Alone in the Night’, in 2015 and the hype has been rising around him ever since. His self-titled debut EP was released in 2016. Based Oslo, Gundelach is also an enthralling live act; one forgets time ever existed while listening to him play. Not one to make a fuss about himself, he’s a man of the shadows on stage, but just you wait: Gundelach has a stash of songs waiting to be heard. He’s already caught the attention of Pharrell Williams, who’s played his track ‘Spiders’ on Beats 1.

Fun fact: the first CD Kai Gundelach ever bought was Jay-Z’s The Blueprint.

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