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Two Berlin girls, loud noises and ground-breaking garage-pop music.


by Dan Cole
8 March 2017

With their guitar-heavy music, Gurr embody the West Coast sound, with comparisons being drawn to the likes of Surfer Blood and Best Coast. This sound is undoubtedly a remnant of Casablanca’s time studying abroad at UC Santa Barbara. To date, they’ve toured alongside Jimmy Eat World, been booked for SXSW and been rated as one of ten newcomer acts to watch out for at 2016’s Reeperbahn Festival. Their debut album In My Head, released on Duchess Box, was received with great fanfare, and the duo are quickly becoming the darlings of German media. 

Incongruently pacing the world between rock ‘n’ roll and dream pop, In My Head portrays an earnestness that betrays their upbeat candour, showing multi-tiered song-writing aptitude that relates to a wider audience. “I make out with you and you don’t care, well that’s funny, cuz actually I just wanna be your friend,” sings Casablanca, as the guitars fuzz and scream in the background. There’s a deeper core to this upbeat guitar pop, and much more to this gurrcore act than initially meets the eye. And as for the name, “it’s the sound German people make when imitating pigeons,” they stated in an interview with Le Sigh, “and since Laura is very afraid of birds, we thought it was a good paradox and word pun.”


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