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Hearts Hearts

Electro, Pop / Austria (Vienna)
Hearts Hearts




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Radio Head, Alt-J

Free style

Experimental downtempo electronic pop

" A sonically expansive and emotionally soulful listening experience that transcends genres "

Hearts Hearts is a young Viennese band that has managed to completely extract themselves from today’s fast paced consumer-oriented music culture. This is also their advice to new bands: in an interview with Music Austria, lead singer Daniel Hämmerle said: “I think it’s important to give yourself time for the production, to let things grow. Today people tend to present things to the public very soon, because they think they have to adhere to a certain zeitgeist.”

Many years of development — including multiple sessions in a monastery in Upper Austria, where they were able to play throughout the night and experiment with vintage equipment and racks of effects — have led to their timeless debut album, Young. Released in 2016, it features melancholic electronic pop ballads made for intimate listening sessions on your earphones. Young is not an album for the dance floor, it is rather made for calm moments where you actively engage with the music. Together with improvisational cello-artist Christina Ruf they created an experimental sound that transcends genres. Think Sigur Rós, Alt-J, Radio Head or SBTRKT. They also consider Neon Golden by The Notwist an influential album.

With a lot of great reviews for their first album in their pocket, the all-male quartet went on to their next album Goods/Gods, where they developed this sound even further. Adding brass players and strings, it is clever, vivid and elegant and has catapulted them into Austria’s avant-garde pop olympus.