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Katarína Máliková

Katarína Máliková

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Katarina Malikova

Folk roots dressed up with a touch of latest style


by Viera Ráczová
6 September 2017

In her 20s with the musical background, she has and ideas to work on Katarína Máliková proved that success is something you need to earn but also to be lucky a little and got the timing right. 

Maybe that’s why she became the most outstanding artist of 2016 of an alternative local scene and her debut album took over not only world music fans but also a wider public. 

Katarína and her seven-piece live band bring folklore heritage in its freshest way. The artist managed to come a long way in three years time. She joined a newcomers competition and after that continuously worked on enlargening her fan base. The musician is literally a concentrated energy – although appears to be frenzy, she’s going to overwhelm you with her strong voice the moment she starts singing. 

Katarína’s album entitled Pustvopol is an archaic name for a region in central Slovakia meaning a desert field. She was inspired by traditional Slovak music but also by the place itself, its nature, atmosphere and its magic – Katarína let all these elements influence her while writing the album. The artist, a music teacher, didn’t know her first album would sound like it does, she’s also written more chanson-ish songs but later applied folk motives to her music. Songs could easily work as a soundtrack music, both dreamy (Zrána) and also upbeat (Dínom, Dánom). And even though the inspiration flows from a specific background, you can also find literally pop themes like break up or Christmas mood. 


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