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Technology, dream, mysticism, prescription drugs, pop, anxiety, love, death.


19 February 2017

Nickos Dervisis, aka Kid Flicks, is a musical chameleon – a restless producer and songwriter who goes from sunshine pop to world music, from heavy samples to ethereal harmonies. He changes location almost as often as he changes styles, splitting his time between Athens and London, but that’s OK because the information-hungry, eerily-voiced sound collagist can produce his work on a laptop.

His debut album, Hearts of Gold, was released in 2011 through Inner Ear Records, a record which he crafted single-handedly: music, lyrics, vocals, instrumentation, recording, mixing… even the artwork for the sleeve. Strongly influenced by city life in Athens and contemporary multiculturalism, he has forged his musical identity from the schizophrenic clutter of online media and the hallucinatory aspects of everyday life, distilling his thoughts and ideas in his music.

His follow-up record, By Typing “I Talk” You Don’t Talk, stayed true to his initial musical eccentricity, though with a more dazzling electro perspective. Once again Kid Flicks made it all fit within puzzling logic that was more intriguing for its inscrutable delirium. Thus, it makes sense that he would continue his colourful pop trip on his third, self-titled album, which was through Klik Records/Wordandsound.

It’s surprising how well all the ideas work together, no matter how cluttered and overstuffed they may sound at times. But, then again, Kid Flicks is now a recognised specialist in conjuring the unexpected.

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