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It’s minimal techno, but not as we know it….


by Dan Cole
21 February 2019

Berlin’s minimal techno dream is alive and well, manifested in the form of young, power trio of Komfortrauschen (a.k.a. comfort noise). Swanky, Ibiza-based DJs these are not however. This a live, and sometimes improvisational, act performed by three talented musicians, who meld together synth appreciators, live kicks, hi-hats and drum rolls, and a slight bit of atmospheric guitars. The band’s interplay and live dynamic almost has a slight jazzy demeanour about it, but more than anything else, they turn the faceless world of electronic music and techno into something more tangible and fun. Live, the the three-piece consisting of Laurenz Karsten’s guitars, Phillip Oertel’s bass sounds, and Tim Sarhan’s marathon-approach to drumming, work to sweat it all out and push all the buttons (metaphorically, they don’t really push any buttons) to get you going. And just take a look at the band’s video for “Malo” and it’s easy to see there’s a certain sense of humour working behind the scenes.

In an age where journalists like to put things in boxes, Komfortrauschen emerge as a band that cannot be contained. They live outside the box. Electronic, jazz, rock, dance. All of the above and more. It’s a spirited energy that have earned them comparisons to the likes of WhoMadeWho (albeit without the vocals), Brandt Brauer Frick, Herbert and the like. With a whole bunch of club shows, and a series of EPs released on Berlin label SPRINGSTOFF, there’s a whole bunch of steam gathering behind these fresh, young, noise-makers. Get out of your comfort noise, and feel the noise as rock and electronics combine for high-tempo, energetic beats.

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