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Free style

R&B electronica, packed heavy with fragmented snippets.

" A self-taught multi-instrumentalist from a small windblown town. "

He seemed to emerge out of nowhere – almost literally –, a self-taught multi-instrumentalist from a small windblown town. Cooped up in his room, he worked at his craft, making beats for years before releasing his debut album at the age of 19, having already perfected his unique type of melodic R&B and pop-inspired hip-hop. With Pretty Girls & Grey Sweaters, Peder Løsnegård – then called LidoLido – was hailed as one of Norway´s biggest musical talents, the claims fuelled by his apparent love for gospel and hip-hop greats. His energetic live performances only added to the hype. The young producer signed with Universal Music and was quickly sent to SXSW to impress the international music press.


He then disappeared from the limelight, burying Lido after the moody pop tristesse Battle Poetry in 2013, and spent years making a name for himself as a producer, working with stars such as Chance the Rapper and Ariana Grande. His bombastic remix of Kanye West´s ‘The Life of Pablo’ was cleverly titled ‘The Life of Peder’, and is a must-hear for any fan of the rapper with the big ego.

Re-emerging as just Lido with Everything in 2016, Løsnegård showed grand ambition by releasing an almost conceptual album, packing synth-heavy tunes with extensive sampling and elements of electronic music and R&B, and exploring the feelings of heartbreak. Lido may have been absent for a while, but he certainly knows how to make a comeback: his new EP Passion Project II, a highly sensual collaboration with Santell, proves if needed that the man’s destiny belongs to the brightest stars.