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Free style

German-Iranian, neo-trap

" German-Iranian, neo-pop with stirring songs about inclusivity and authenticity "

The colourful, future pop vibes of MADANII and L:LUCID’s music celebrate inclusion and positivity with a style that is both heartfelt and poppin’ at equal levels. Born in Germany, the daughter of Iranian refugees, Dena Madani, aka. MADANII, conveys her story as an immigrant in Southern Germany through slow and heavy R&B that uses contemporary production techniques and an evocative aesthetic language. Teaming up with co-producer L:LUCID, MADANII uses traditional Iranian instrumentation – like that of the ney, santur and kamanche, to help forge an international, deep sound full or rich soundscapes, dreamlike textures and heavy trap kicks.

“I am celebrating my difference, but it took time to process the impressions of the youth,” MADANII speaks about some of the stronger contextual issues behind the music. Signed to Berlin-based label Filter Records, the duo released their first EP ILLEGAL ALLIIEN earlier this year. A contextual record that talks about the struggles of integration, acceptance and of course, alienation, ILLEGAL ALLIIEN speaks to all our anxieties and struggles.

The record challenges our preconceptions — no matter our gender, background, social status — while also offering hope and acceptance. A strong representation of what the Gen Z’s of modern Europe are adding to the musical palette of today, MADANII & L:LUCID’s international sound is one that speaks to the disenfranchised youth of our multicultural world.