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Electro / France, United Kingdom (Paris, Glasgow)



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ESG, Throbbing Gristle, Chris & Cosey

Free style

Creative, visionary electro

" A Scottish-French alliance with expert beats and melodies "

They enjoy hiding behind aliases, and why not, after all? Let’s play along with the tale that this duo have invented. The Butcher, their lead singer, comes from Glasgow, Scotland, and lived alone in exile until he met another driving force: The Alchemist, a self-proclaimed “mad scientist” from France. On their official website, the rest of the story goes like this: “The Butcher and The Alchemist joined forces. Their experiments echoed throughout the town in the early hours of the morning.” To cut a long, mysterious story short, in a much less romanticized way of storytelling, they formed Maestro a few years ago. Mixing funky anthems with dark atmospheres, industrial beats with pop melodies, Maestro remain true to the band name they have carefully chosen : their mastery of electronic sounds never ceases to impress.

Maestro are part of the Tigersushi family – label boss (and famous DJ) Joakim mixed their latest single, Harmony, at his Crowdspacer Studio in NYC. Released in December 2017 with fantastic artwork clearly inspired by Throbbing Gristle’s 20 Jazz Funk Greats, Harmony is the first glimpse of their highly anticipated second album. While we impatiently await its release, we can dig into this visionary duo’s earlier material, for instance their first album, Mountains of Madness, released in 2015. On the cover, two figures in suits and ties have their faces blurred and morphed into one another, like an interesting metaphor of their own band.