Mavi Phoenix

Mavi Phoenix

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Female rappers with a strong sense for pop hooks.


by Stefan Niederwieser
5 January 2017

And then it just blew up. ‘Quiet’ went straight to Spotify’s worldwide viral charts and #1 on Austrian national radio. It almost has a Kanyesque quality to it, with flurries of synths, visceral vocoders, a sudden full stop, HD production and self-deprecating lyrics. The track is a strong sign of things to come. Mavi Phoenix had a good start, high profile features in Austrian media, well-placed first gigs. But she’s set to take off after the announcement that she’s teamed up with the management of indie super-darlings Bilderbuch and booking agency Bomber der Herzen. There’s already good press coverage of her second EP Young Prophet (the recent video for ‘Love Longtime’ has been premiered on Fader, quite an achievement in itself), and summer festival shows have been confirmed. She has only been touring for a good two years, but you can count on a poised and versatile performance from her and her DJ.

The music business hasn’t always been easy for female rappers, especially if they’re not rhyming in their mother tongue. Women were deemed too soft and bound to schmaltzy R&B or formulaic pop. But Mavi Phoenix is able to stand her ground. She went to an English-language school early on and has been producing music since she was 11. After alt-R&B and cloud rap, with artists like FKA twigs, MØ and Azealia Banks in the spotlight, the world seems ready for exactly that new kind of singer/producer.

NEW RELEASE – April 2020

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