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Travelling pop

" Her voice has this vulnerable and delicate yet powerful quality all at the same time "

People say that travel broadens the mind. And that’s something German singer Mogli sure wouldn’t deny. In 2016, along with her partner, they decided to clear their minds and go roam the world. In America, they bought an old school bus and crossed the country in it, even making it to Alaska and South America. If she was looking for a change of scenery or to meet new minds, Mogli sure made the most of her time, writing songs in a rather vagabond-fashion, her acoustic guitar and notebook always close to hand. And from this year of wandering, the film Expedition Happiness and her album Wanderer came to fruition. The singer/composer’s second album is a slice of pop-folk featuring moving songs whose acoustic arrangements amplify her voice that has this vulnerable and delicate yet powerful quality all at the same time.


Whether she’s at the Grand Canyon, in the middle of the desert or next to a waterfall, inspiration was never far away. But don’t be mistaken in thinking her songs sound like a post card or pages torn from a tourist’s travel diary. Let’s assume that the further you are from home, the easier it is to reflect upon your own situation. And so, Mogli took a long, hard look at herself. Being away from it all in fact pushed her into trying some profound sessions of introspection. The result? Alaska and Wonderer, two perfect tracks that speak to lovers of pop of the great wide open with a folk setting. On stage along with a drummer and guitarist/keyboard player, she gracefully transposes her tales of a wandering musician. Be sure to keep a watchful eye on this singer, following her wherever she may go in the years to come.