Napoleon Gold

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Witch house-tinged electronica


6 March 2018

Napoleon Gold started out as a solo project by Antoine Honorez. Soon, he enlisted the help of Jerome Klein in percussions and keyboard. The purpose was clear: to create a kick-ass live show and to introduce a stronger organic element to the compositions.

With a sound that’s hard to pin down, the duo travels between several genres, from ambient tracks to future-bass worthy slams of sound. What holds all of this together? The progressive arrangements make the songs move in cinematic fashion with low-pitched voices spread all over the sound, feeling like a distant echo of when witch house invaded the Internet by storm and disappeared just as quickly.

Firmly established as a group that was born to shine live, Napoleon Gold has more than a hundred acts under their belt and opened for other artists like London Grammar, Glass Animals, SOHN, Son Lux. Now, signed to Cinematic Music Group, the duo promises us a new EP for 2018. Will it fall under their more atmospheric sound or will it be an invitation to dance like the one they released with “A New Colour”?


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