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No Clear Mind

Rock / Greece (Athens)
No Clear Mind




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Radiohead, Mercury Rev, Wang Wen

Free style

hybrid pop, shoegaze, post-rock

" No Clear Mind have a unique sound that creates new paths for experimental rock to tread on. "

The contemporary post-rock scene seems quite conscious of its oxidized formalism. Many bands out there try desperately to do something fresh and exciting, but while they search for new sounds and trends they often lose contact with their musical identity. In favour of progress they fail to engage their fanbase and maintain their relevance. No Clear Mind, on the other hand, is a band that takes a small but significant step away from the formula, while showing an illuminating path towards greater diversity in experimental rock.

Spending their time between Athens and London creating music, No Clear Mind has released three full length albums. Their latest, Makena, was recorded live inside an old stone barn in Mani, South Greece, and was released in early 2016. All this time, the band has toured in Europe and steadily gained an audience from all around the world.

Their music is melancholic and otherworldly, elegant and elaborate. What’s more, the ace up their sleeve is sequencing: crafting an album without a single skippable song is a rare feature. Just throwing a collection of songs together can be the careless approach that ruins an entire listening experience for what could be a great album. This is what No Clear Mind don’t do. To them, sequencing matters and moreover, every damn note and each and every instrument and word has its own place. That’s how they exude feeling, push the narrative forward and enhance emotion; after all, without these elements music can never be a vital experience.