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Electro, Pop / Belarus (Minks)
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Kate Bush, Chromatics, Chinawoman

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sad-day pop, melancholic indie pop

" A minimalist distillate of femininity "

Palina is an elegant, nearly (e)motionless woman with a pale face and stylish jewelry. She narrates stories about complex structures of love and relationships. You can follow her down the river in a shadowy forest, stare into her reflection in the mirror – all you see is a minimalist distillate of femininity, powerful in its fragility. Acoustic instruments, ambient electronic music and somewhat transparent vocals fuse into a sense of intimacy, putting emotions in a shape of restraint and regularity. If passion was there once, we’ve got nothing more left than exploring its remains.

Palina (previously known as Palina Respublika) comes from Minsk, Belarus. A graduate of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts as a television director’, but also with a background in football, she first got acquainted with a piano, and later learned how to play a guitar. Since her first solo concert in 2011, she’s been using Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian and French in her songs.