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Patrick the Pan

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If Thom Yorke had been born in Poland, he would've been named Piotr Madej.


by Hubert Grupa
2 March 2017

In Krakow, one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in Poland, magic happens. Its author is a young composer called Piotr Madej, who recorded his solo debut album in a natural setting at his home, under the moniker Patrick the Pan. He immediately went from unknown musician to someone who grabs the attention of the entire Polish music industry. However, it’s during concerts that he allows himself to unleash the enormous dormant potential of his music, especially when accompanied by a full band.

The sound of Patrick the Pan combines Thom Yorke’s eclecticism, Sufjan Stevens’s authenticity and the intimate style of Keaton Henson, with the emotional rollercoaster of the music going hand in hand with the sound full of wonderful details.

Having played at the most important Polish festivals, including Open’er in Gdynia and OFF Festival in Katowice, Madej started to work on his second album, Niczym jak liscmi, which continued his initial success and climbed to the top of the best Polish albums of 2015. Having reaffirmed their reputation, Madej and his band got invited to tour with Artur Rojek, one of the most influential alternative artists in Poland.

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