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Pocket Palma

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Take me back to the mid 80's


by Ilko Čulić
8 June 2020

Before Pocket Palma there was Side Project,  a young synth-wave duo singing in English, with a couple of Bandcamp releases and a tiny fanbase in the electro corner of Croatian clubbing. But it wasn’t good enough for Anja Papa and her classmate Luka Vidović. Soon they both dropped out of university,restarting their artistic careers under the name Pocket Palma in early 2019.

Once again Luka and Anja produced DIY synth-wave and electro-pop sounds with a lot of 80’s nostalgia, but also decided to rewrite their dreamy lyrics in Croatian for the first time. Pocket Palma’s debut single ‘Godišnji’ (Vacation) moved quickly to FM radio airwaves and became the big indietronica summer anthem.

Shortly afterwards, their 7-track self-released EP was suddenly deleted from Bandcamp due to their new record deal with Aquarius Records. In the fall 2019 they released their first Aquarius LP ‘Pocket Palma’, with 11 catchy tunes and some different additional mixes and versions made separately for vinyl, CD, cassette or digital release.

Their retro-futuristic album was praised by Croatian pop music critics, but even more by the teenage audience responsible for frenetic reactions on Pocket Palma’s biggest solo gig to date, in Zagreb’s top live venue Tvornica kulture.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Luka and Anja recorded some new tracks, collaborating with Mangroove on ‘Voli me’ (Love me) and released the ‘Drop of Comfort  Sessions’ with plenty of covers including Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ and London Grammar’s ‘Wasting My Young Years’. Now they are ready for a full restart on the summer stage of Zagreb Design Week 2020.

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