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Electro / Hungary (Budapest)




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Foreign Beggars, C2C

Free style

Electro-house rock

" A power trinity: rock, electro-house and vocals. "

The trio better known as Saverne promises us that they are dedicated to bringing the intensity of live rock-shows to the electronic dance scene. Pretty bold as a mission statement, so let’s see if their music holds up!

Listening to their self-titled 2016 album, released through AM:PM label, you’ll feel that their motto is justified right by the first song. Saverne delivers the type of sound that will render a whole stadium electric, or serve for a really, really cool car commercial.

In 2016, they released a music video for “Hendrix” that ended up putting a lot of eyes on their music since it was featured in outlets like Vimeo or Gizmodo. A collaboration with Airplan Studio proved that their music really is visual-worthy and how far it could go. Their rocking sound ranges from electro-house to dubstep or drum and bass, providing a lot of territory for these three Hungarians to never get boring.