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Lorde, Katy Perry

Free style

Fresh electronic pop

" A powerful, somwhat raspy voice brings to mind Adele. "

Born and raised in Ålesund, a small town on Norway’s western coast, 20-year-old Sigrid grew up surrounded by the mountains and the sea. She was signed to the Norwegian indie label Petroleum at the age of 16 and recently landed a deal with Island Records in the UK. Sigrid scored her first big hit at the beginning of this year – ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ – and it’s basically a message saying ‘I don’t care’ to anyone who ever doubted her. She’s Norway’s great pop hope for the future, and all eyes are on her.

Initially, it was Sigrid’s brother, who’s also a musician, who encouraged her song-writing. He was booked for a local gig and wanted Sigrid to join on stage, not to play a cover song but something original, which left her with just two weeks to to compose a song. This ignited her desire to to make good pop music. And while she finds herself in a scene crowded with young Scandinavian female pop singers, there’s something extra fresh about her music and her stage presence. A powerful, somwhat raspy voice brings to mind Adele.