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by Maro Angelopoulou
29 September 2017

Sillyboy is somewhere in the orbit between Fleetwood Mac and Giorgio Moroder. To appreciate his music, you have to be a little tolerant of disco-pop era sensibilities — it has, simultaneously, a retro and futuristic feel to it. Since 2010, when he released his debut album, Sillyboy has never shied away from “uncool” influences or sentimentality, if anything they are always on full display. Take for example “Late Night Shame”, which bears a resemblance to Daft Punk’s and Giorgio Moroder’s hooks moving from easygoing beats to a chill-inducing synth line; not to mention the Simple Minds-esque “Thin Air” or “Stalker”, which could easily be based upon an original Alan Parsons/Steely Dan melody.

His music is déjà entendu and, above all, genuinely and amusingly pop: often exciting in its energy-drink kind of way and, at other times, laid-back and sweetly kissed by the summer sun, even when he’s experimenting with a more guitar-driven direction like in Nature Of Things (2012). All these aspects blend seamlessly with electronic beats to produce a sound that is simultaneously nostalgic and progressive, something hopefully he will repeat in his upcoming album, set for release in early 2018. To sum up, Sillyboy’s quality comes from embracing retro sounds while also understanding the humour and playfulness in them, keeping all these ideas in mind at once.

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