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Atmospheric bedroom pop and an ambient production sensibility.


13 May 2019

Smalfeels is a brand new act from Greece that can be commonly identified as indie pop, nonetheless the brains behind it exhibit a broader  set of inspirations including shoegaze and chillwave. The project of the 24-year-old Athens based bedroom producer Nikos Yiannakakis lies deep at the heart of the “bedroom pop” concept which has taken the industry by storm. DIY techniques, home recording, a reverb-lo fi dreamy vibe, all the characteristics of the loose aesthetic are right here, in rich and melodic dosages.  

Nikos Yiannakakis was recently relocated from London to Athens and apart from his moniker, Smalfeels, he is involved in a number of music projects and writes music for short films as well. His new single, “Pillow Fights”, reflects upon the depressing nature of social media. Released earlier this year, it is a subtle, mysterious and cryptic chillwavemeetsminimal pop gem which creates a filmic world of its own that invites you to crawl inside. Nikos seems to know how to mix sounds and how to even use pauses to create the atmosphere he desires; and that is a powerful tool. His debut EP, scheduled for release later this year, is co-produced by Sillyboy and Yasmeen Fratnzola-Hamdy with poetry featured by the later.

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