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Jai Paul, Mura Masa, Gorillaz

Free style

Millenial cartoon pop, Electric collage

" A candy-coloured Millennial indie-pop super-group "

Some stories seem to good to be true. Superorganism set the Internet alight earlier this year with ‘Something For Your M.I.N.D’, two minutes and forty-five seconds of such brilliant warped and utterly-of-its-time guitar pop than many assumed it simply had to be the work of seasoned pros. But no, this super-group really is an international eight-piece fronted by a 17-year old Japanese girl who they discovered in Maine. That they now all live in the same terraced house in London, scheming and perfecting their musical alchemy, completes the picture of a Millennial hivemind distilling youth culture and weird corners of the Internet into nuggets of modern pop gold.

And what a glorious racket they make. Fun and carefree, there’s a hazy, cartoonish quality to their songs. Neon bright, they favour a maximalist take on pop – adding layer upon layer, like a musical collage – putting fun to the forefront and eschewing traditional notions of “cool”. And, like much of modern culture, by poking fun at conventions and not taking themselves too seriously, they’ve ended up the coolest kids in town, making music that’s somehow nostalgic and yet so completely 2017 it feels indispensable; this is the natural end product for young creatives with one-click access to the entire history of recorded music.

“A warped version of a pop production house” is how the band sum up their domestic arrangement, a hit factory for the 21st Century. They’re currently putting the finishing touches to what’s sure to be one of 2018’s most anticipated – not to mention exciting – albums; the future’s here, and it sounds like this.