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Teemu & The Deathblows

Rock / Finland (Helsinki)
Teemu & The Deathblows




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The Black Keys, The Strokes, Spring King

Free style

Do-it-yourself garage rock

" Beautifully fuzzy garage rock from Helsinki "

What happens when a band swaps instruments around and just starts playing? Well, you get Teemu & The Deathblows – a quartet who are one of the most promising newcomers to the Finnish garage rock scene.

The band was only formed in 2016 but they’ve already developed a voice of their own, as found in their debut single, ‘Girl’. It has a dancy feeling to it, with electric guitars and a beautifully fuzzy atmosphere; singer Teemu Mononen interprets the song in a unique way with his natural talent and ingenuity.

The band records and mixes their own songs and exploits the freedom of the Internet and social media, which allows them to record and release songs within a short timeframe. It has also allowed the group to generate a following outside Finland, with fans checking-in from as far away as Brazil.

Hailing from Helsinki, Teemu & The Deathblows have been praised by Finnish music magazine Rumba and national radio station YleX, after seemingly emerging from nowhere to becoming ones to watch. The band is still unsigned but they are currently working on their debut album, which will be released in 2017. Let Teemu & The Deathblows charm you with their irresistible do-it-yourself-attitude!