The Bonnie Nettles

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Trippy neo-psych with spontaneous, effortless charm


13 May 2019

The Bonnie Nettles are a six-piece neo psychedelic band from Athens, Greece, whose fuzzy, distorted guitars and rock n’ roll attitude are rooted in the late 60s. The band is named after the leader of Heaven’s Gate, the infamous American UFO religious cult from the 70s. That era – when love was free, drugs were plentiful and guitar effects pedals were becoming increasingly more advanced — is obviously the source of inspiration for Sir Johnathan (drums), Sam (guitar), Vagelis Falliera Karabelas (percussion), Dennis Lounges (vocals/percussion,visuals), Anestis Nine (guitar), John Deam(bass), Dimitris Dimitriadis(sound engineer).

Since 2016, The Bonnie Nettles have released only singles and EPs, but, still, their gigs are packed, due to their trippy and stunning music, parallel to the effortless brilliance of the Stones at the fevered late-60s peak, while also delivering the acid-house blur of the late-80s Madchester movement. Their first LP is set for release sometime this year. In the meantime, singles like “Would You Marry Me?” and “Rave on Love Me”, with their blistering immediacy, their riff-driven strength and their loose feel wonderfully accenting the overall atmosphere of debauchery prove that the only thing necessary to make great music is that spark; that effortless charm which is impossible to copy from other, successful peers.

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