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The Devils

Punk, Rock / Italy (Naples)
The Devils
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The Devils




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The Cramps, Fugazi

Free style

Garage rock, blues- punk

" Rock n’ roll, garage & punk, all wrapped in lace and leather "

Elegantly shocking and beautifully provocative, The Devils stay true to their main inspiration from Ken Russell’s 1971 eponymous cult masterpiece, not only by naming themselves after it, but also by transporting the cinematic orgy of splendor into their music. The rock n’ roll duet of Gianni Vessella (vocals, guitar) and Erika Toraldo (vocals, drums) was formed in Naples, Italy, in 2015. Musical and stylistic offspring to Lux Interior and Poison Ivy, the band takes rock n’ roll in its primitive form, strips it down, mix it with garage-punk sexiness and exhibits it in its raw distilled form: a celebration of nihilism and audacious erotica.

Even since their very first release, Sin, you sinners! (2016), The Devil’s intention was clear; chaotic and relentless rock rhythms wrapped in lace and leather. The same atmosphere reigns supreme in their sophomore album, Iron Butt (2017), as well as in their latest release, Beast Must Regret Nothing (2021) in which they collaborate with Mark Lanegan and Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, PJ Harvey, etc.). Gianni’s guitar is insinuating that something strange is lurking just around the corner, while Erika, his perfect lusty counterpart and post-apocalyptic in full, is singing like a dominatrix persona and plays hellish drums. The Devil’s references are many: they’re presented as possessed priest and nun in “Coitus Interruptus”, like a rockabilly pairing of Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese in “Azazel”, and as twisted White Stripes in “I Appeared to the Madonna”. Their blend of primitive rock n’ roll and punk is as brain-frying as seducing as hell and absolutely addictive.