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The Limiñanas

Pop, Rock / France (Perpignan)
The Limiñanas



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The Cramps, The Velvet Underground, Serge Gainsbourg

Free style

Stormy, stylish rock

" A passionate couple mixing garage-rock and 1960s pop "

Until recently, The Limiñanas were more famous abroad than in their own country, France. Their fanbase is made of prestigious celebrities (Franz Ferdinand, Jack White, Bobby Gillespie, Andrew Weatherall…) and the guest list on their new album is just as impressive. Released last January, Shadow People brings together French actress Emmanuelle Seigner and her sexy voice, legendary bass player Peter Hook (from Joy Division and New Order), French singer-songwriter Bertrand Belin and, last but not least, Anton Newcombe (from The Brian Jonestown Massacre), who recorded this album at his home-studio in Berlin, sang on the amazing song “Istanbul Is Sleepy” and played many different instruments throughout the record.

Happily married and based in Cabestany, a small town near Perpignan, Lionel (guitarist) and Marie (drummer) Limiñana are finally getting the recognition they long deserved. On stage, The Limiñanas become an extended family of musicians and singers, but the core of the band is this perfectly matched couple who share a passion for garage rock, French yé-yé songs, psychedelia, new wave and soundtracks by Ennio Morricone or John Barry – they both possess an encyclopedic culture. They started making music as The Limiñanas at home, in 2009. Alternating between French and English, their albums obviously reflect what they listen to, in a paradoxical but wonderful mixture of raw, primitive sounds and a sophisticated, nonchalant delivery. The history of rock has already shown other couples with the same sense of unity, from The Cramps to The White Stripes or The Kills. The Limiñanas belong to this explosive lineage.