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The Mauskovic Dance Band

Electro, Urban / Netherlands (Amsterdam)
The Mauskovic Dance Band




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Meridian Brothers, Altín Gün, Khruangbin

Free style

Cosmic Afro-tropicalia

" A hypnotic latin groove from another dimension "

It takes a special kind of band to sell out London’s Shacklewell Arms on a rainy Sunday night in October when it’s their first ever UK appearance. But then, one listen to Amsterdam-based The Mauskovic Dance Band is all that’s needed to convince you that “special” is a very worthy epithet. The quintet is the brainchild of Nicola Niggebrugge, a producer and multi-instrumentalist whose crack team of collaborators has achieved that rare thing — a seemingly telepathic synergy and prowess that renders the group a living, breathing whole, able to deftly change musical direction in the blink of an eye.

That’s no mean feat when you consider the breadth of their influences and the genres they play with. “Afro-Carribean-inspired synth disco” is how one site attempted to describe their sound, which incorporates tropical synths, space disco, no wave, and various Afro-Latin styles such as champeta, cumbia, and palenque. The result is an intoxicating, infectious groove, a Technicolour beach party of neon bass, vibrant percussion, and slinky rhythms that sounds like it was beamed in from another dimension.

Thus far, there’s only the four-track Down In The Basement EP and the ‘Things To Do’ single to enjoy, but their debut album is being prepped for a 2019 release, a record that’s sure to be the year’s hottest, most sultry fiesta. In the meantime, strap on those dancing shoes and get down to one of their shows. The band say they have one goal: to make people dance. Thus far, it’s mission accomplished.