The Vagina Lips

The Vagina Lips

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Strong pop and explosive shoegaze frosting on top of their rock n’ roll attitude.


2 March 2017

With music that lives up to his provocative stage name, Vagina Lips is the brainchild of Zimmy Polioudis. Lo-Fi aesthetics, ‘80s shoegaze and melodic vocals combine to form a dynamic sound which sets Vagina Lips apart from Greece’s other guitar-based projects.

Initially formed as a duo in July 2015 with Zimmy (Kid Galax, Valley Of Love, The Archangel Cobra) on guitar and Losinthe (Psychedelic Trips to Death) on drums, Vagina Lips quickly gained a reputation for their energetic live shows and their ear-shatteringly garage-pop sound. And although Losinthe has departed, the quality remains. Indeed, the first EP, Youth In Chaos, was released through MoMi Records to widespread acclaim in March 2016.

And that was only the beginning. Just months later Polioudis released his project’s first full-length record, the stunning Athanasia, which rolls together elements of Nirvana and The Jesus and Mary Chain. If you’re a fan of those groups, you’ll love Vagina Lips.

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