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Impressively produced, thrillingly dark and eerie dream pop


5 February 2019

Hailing from Stockholm, the dream pop trio Vivii manages to sound pulsing and melodic at the same time. Though they hit notes similar to Lana Del Rey, Vivii are more dreamy and ethereal than sensuously husky. Where Lana embodies a tragic seductive icon, Vivii’s dark electro pop echoes an adolescence sensibility; romantic but not wasted.  The married duo behind the band, Emil and Caroline Jonsson, at first took inspiration from their youth — late 80s vinyl records, indie pop gems and even classical music — but it was along with Anders Eckeborn, their skillful producer and Vivii’s third member, that they breathed life into this project.

Their debut ep Savant, released in 2018, clocked over two million streams online, and the band continued to spread their musical fogscapes with the single “Suckerpunch” and the latest one, “And Tragic”. There is no great chasm that separates each song from the rest of their material, since they all aim for exactly the same target: dark, fierce and vulnerable. There are no cobbled retreads here, only elaborative concept. Emil and Caroline vary their vocalizing and delivery, reaching for cinematic atmosphere, even when they’re lyrically bleak (“I’m a star / a rising star / I’m heading for the ground / Crash boom bang”). Vivii’s dream pop is dazzlingly produced, thrillingly dark and eerie. And even at its most heady and interior moments, it’s bizarrely refreshing.


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