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Electro, Pop / France (Nantes)




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La Roux, The Dø

Free style

Synthetic pop

" "Fun" - the heart of his music "

Voyov (pronounced “Voyou”) is all about taking the French chanson and turning it into modern electronic pop. All of this while keeping it light and not too serious. Behind the artist name is a French guy from the city of Nantes, Thibaud Vanhooland. Before his solo career, Vanhooland played in several bands from Nantes, such as Elephanz, Rhum For Pauline and Pégase. His his first EP called “On s’emmème avec toi” consisting of three songs in total was published in the beginning of 2017.

Voyov is an artist of the digital age: he grew up with computers and digital music apps, and has made music with computers since the age of twelve. It means exploring and playing with different things in music. In interviews, Voyov has told that he was having a lot of fun while making songs for his first EP. The word ”fun” is indeed in the heart of his music: you can hear it through his songs and see it when he performs live on scene. He shakes and laughs, a constant movement that makes the audience want to dance as well. Performing live is also his favourite part of making music. And this really can be seen in his shows. On stage he is accompanied with a light installation, his machines in the form of a table, a guitar and trombone, creating this image of him being in his room, playing music and enjoying it to the full.