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Wet Bed Gang

Wet Bed Gang

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Ana Ortega

No hold barred hip hop squad


23 April 2018

Gson, Zara G, Kroa and Zizzy Jr. are Wet Bed Gang. Unapologetic, uncompromising and unstoppable, this pack of four is moving with force and drawing an ever-growing mass of population to their heavy bass and savage delivery whether they are rapping or singing.

Hailing from Vialonga, 20 minutes away from Lisbon, they are part of the bloodflow in music that has been bypassing the radio and going straight to the masses through streaming platforms.

Even though they make it their priority to create some of the baddest bangers that have come from Portugal, Wet Bed Gang also portray their own legacy. They see themselves as the sons of João Rossi, the group’s founder who met an untimely demise at 28 years old. They also collaborated with a young Portuguese director, André C. Santos, to create a homage to him in the documentary Pôr a minha vida no teu ouvido, that roughly translates to “put my life in your ear”.

The group is bent on not letting a drop of the hype go to waste. They started the year with the launch of a new EP, IV, in which each member of the group takes over a track and makes it their own. An individual flex that further marks the lane of each member. Nothing is promised yet, but it’s hard to believe that they won’t be bringing a barrage of new tracks, or, we hope, a full-length project.


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