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Bartleby Delicate

Pop, Rock / Luxemburg (Luxembourg)
Bartleby Delicate



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Bon Iver, The Tallest Man On Earth


DIY folk, indie rock

" Delicate and sparse indie folk "

The most difficult thing for an artist is to engage the audience. In pop music, it’s certainly easier since everything that is needed to draw the audience’s attention is industrially manufactured — from the artist’s image and the staged music video to the market-driven exposure. Therefore, it’s tougher to deliver your content solely based on its quality and your performance when you are a songwriter. Undoubtedly, Bartleby Delicate’s music achieves that.

Bartleby Delicate is the solo work of Luxembourg-based singer-songwriter Georges Goerens, already known in the indie music world as the frontman of the folk-pop band Seed to Tree. He started his solo project in 2017 and since then he’s played in many stages and festivals in his home country and abroad (e.g. The Great Escape Festival, Reeperbahn). In his debut EP, Whatever You Find Suitable To Compare (2018), he encapsulates the experience of isolation and reflection in a contemplative way, avoiding excessive sentimentality which would have turned this record into a whiny waterwork. Oh, there is heartache here and emotion but Bartleby treats them with a wonderful storytelling; not indulging in misery. Framing his voice are suitably subdued arrangements built around his guitar and filled out with vintage mellotron and subtle electronic sounds. “Pame Mia Volta” (its Greek title means “let’s go for a walk”), for example, and “A Little Less Home”, show exactly how Bartleby can make healing music by calming your mind and senses.