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Dance pop, r&b pop

" A modern production full of sweeping pop inspiration "

With her soulful vocals and joyful energy, Lithuanian singer Beatrich  is a pop sensation who stays true to her generation, exploring her youth’s spectrum of life, love, and heartache through her straightforward yet bubbly pop, and her delicate lyrical approach.

‘You’re so nice to make me feel right/Giving looks and dancing all night’, she sings in “Superstar”, her first hit song. That debut amassed over one billion streams in China alone, and helped her climb heights of international airplay. Born Beatrice Pundziūtė in 1998 in a family of doctors, she’d been singing since primary school, long before she decided to seriously pursue a musical career.

It was just a matter of time before Beatrich signed to a major label, in 2018, with Virgin UK, as well as Tencent Music for China. The following year she won Best New Artist at the MAMA Awards in Lithuania and she was also voted Person of the Year by People Magazine. 2020 seems to have been a busy year as well; she joined the ESNS line-up and relocated to London to work on her future in the music business.

From the fresh and summery ‘Pardon Me’ to the disordered beats of her latest single, ‘Flashback’, which came out in March, Beatrich knows how to make bright and sugary power pop fuelled by snappy hooks that match her youth, energy and unapologetic spirit.