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Elektro, Rock / Spanien (Mungía)



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Gang Of Four, Sonic Youth


Alter-tronic punk

" The musical son of Pixies and The Fall, playing songs by Daft Punk just for fun. "

Belako are Josu Ximun Billelabeitia, Lore Nekane Billelabeitia, Lander Zalakain and Cristina Lizarraga. This band from Mungia has kicked ass over the last two years, playing non-stop around Spain and Europe. A band full of power, electricity, punk attitude – and a great future. High intensity, hypnotic vocal melodies, great guitar riffs, amazing bass lines, powerful and epic drums – every show goes from darkness to light, from the 1980s to the 21st century, from sweet singing to rough screams, from relaxation to sweat. Post-punk, electronic, grunge, indie rock, everything is possible when Belako is on the stage. They take no prisoners. Be careful!

They’ve played at Spain’s biggest festivals; Primavera Sound, BBK Live, FIB Benicassim, SOS 4.8, LOW Festival, DCODE, SONORAMA, KUTXA KULTUR FESTIBALA, BIME and many more. In 2012, they won the Radio3 and Gaztea awards. In 2015, they won Rolling Stone’s and MIN Music Independent’s Best New Band awards. In 2016, they were named Best Modern Music Band by the Spanish national radio.

Now they’re presenting Hamen, their second full-length, released by Belako Rekords and Mushroom Pillow, and produced by James Morgan and Josu Ximun. Hailed as one of the best records of the year in Spain, they’ve obviously got a long, rockin’ future ahead of them. And they’re not just resting on their laurels – they played more than 100 gigs in 2016 alone, from the UK to Mexico. This one time and with this one band – you can believe the hype!