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Elektro, Rock / Frankreich, Vereinigtes Königreich (Paris, Bordeaux, Manchester)



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Primal Scream, The Stone Roses, Simian, Hot Chip



" Anglo-French duo joins forces for exciting soundscapes. "

DBFC is not exactly a newcomer. It is a new band, but both of its members have already shown their skills in other projects. Mancunian David Shaw has played with Blackstrobe and Vitalic. He also started a solo adventure called David Shaw and The Beat, releasing an album in 2012. He then met the second mastermind of DBFC, Dombrance, a French producer and musician from Bordeaux, who has many impressive achievements in his resume – releasing his own music, remixing Superpoze, Is Tropical and Cascadeur, or producing Lafayette and Julia Jean-Baptiste.

After playing live together for David Shaw and The Beat, the pair had so much complicity and creativity that there was no other option: they just had to start a new project to keep on playing together and feeding off each other’s ideas. That’s how DBFC was born.

They are now based in Paris. Their influences come from elsewhere, though. Different places and eras, like the Nineties club scenes, the Madchester movement, the ever-changing sounds of Primal Scream, or more recent British bands mixing electro and rock like Simian, Hot Chip or Django Django.

In their official bio, DBFC are described as ‘psychotronica’, a hint at their passion for psychedelic pop and electronic beats. Their first album, Jenks, was just released earlier in June. With catchy melodies and hypnotic rhythms, their songs can provoke strange phenomena like euphoria, uncontrollable body movements and even trances. If the last two letters of their name mean Fan-Club, we would like to sign up right now to get a membership card.