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Freaks On Floor

Rock / Litauen (Vilnius)
Freaks On Floor



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Freak rock

" A heady blend of funk, grunge, and hard rock "

You have to admire people who go it alone. Who defiantly follow their own path, ignoring resistance in the pursuit of their goals. Musicians have it particularly tough – paradoxically, while it’s never been easier to actually record and release music, it’s never been harder to breakthrough the cacophony of online noise or make a living from your art. So kudos to Lithuanian trio Freaks On Floor, who released not just one but two albums completely independently, without a label or any form of help, and who’ve still managed to carve out a career peddling boisterous, quirky indie rock.

“Freaks of music” is how they explain the genesis of their name, and they certainly sound steeped in the rich history of the genres they’re playing around with. Funk, grunge, and hard rock have been blended into catchy, energetic tunes that also display a keen pop sensibility – “Dance All Night” and “Money” were made to rampage all over radio. But they’re not afraid to let things get a little gritty either; “Those Were The Days” is a monstrous track that has more than a hint of Ozzy Osbourne about its bouncy rhythms and buzzsaw guitars.

This songwriting prowess has seen them crowned Best Rock Band at the Lithuanian Grammys two years running, a not inconsiderable achievement given the country’s embrace of rock. They now stand ready to dazzle the rest of Europe, the band a testament to the notion that having courage in your convictions – and following through – can pay rich dividends.