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Alternative rock/post-punk

" Girls-next-door turn into punk badasses! "

Titty Monster distills everything that is real and true about the way punk can speak to you without any preaching. And these four fierce ladies most certainly mean business with their attitude, bouncy drive and uncompromising approach. They are definitely a bolt of energy to the heart!

Post-punk certainly evolved but it hasn’t lost any bite as many women now rule the scene, throwing down sassy in-yer-face romper-stompers. Frau, Skinny Girl Diet, The Savages and, the band in question, ĠENN have the mission of making rock n’ roll more equal. The Maltese alt-punk quartet first made their mark in August 2012, initially under the name Cryptic Street with which they toured and created music for nine years before being re-baptized as ĠENN; with the infectious 80s-tinged pop-rock of their debut single “Indecisive” they won the Bay Music Award for Best Newcomers.

Since then, the riot girls have crowdfunded and worked really hard on their independently released debut album, Titty Monster, which was created at Temple Studios, Malta, and produced, recorded and mastered by David Vella who has previously worked with the likes of Siouxsie and the Banshees and Rammstein. The album is both deft and vicious, delivering a DIY attitude coming from their ambitious self-expressiveness in vocals and guitars, moving into jagged start-stop territory, roaring and swinging.