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Rock / Italien (Ravenna)


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" A rough rock girl with a big heart, and powerful songs. "

Emanuela Drei aka Giungla comes from the same little town as the queen of Italian pop Laura Pausini, but the only other thing they have in common is their charisma when they start to sing and perform. Not too pop, not too punk, Giungla is one of the girls that could really start a revolution in European music next year. She is simply herself, a wonderful Italian woman, nothing fake about her, but when she straps on her guitar, it’s easy to understand why she chose a name that means “jungle” in English.

Her debut solo EP Camo – she previously played for years in a band called Heike Has The Giggle, then played the bass in His Clancyness – features a savvy mix of electronica, dream pop and indie that gives you a taste of what she can do onstage, and she even found an American label to release it, Factory Floors.

Recently she has performed in the Netherlands and she’s scheduled for many other indoor festivals. An advice: go and see the next best female musician from Italy!